Reliability in an emergency


In an emergency, every second counts: Learn about our safety way guidance systems that clearly mark escape and rescue paths, and emergency power systems that provide reliable power in vital areas - minimizing the risk of economic loss and protecting what matters most: human life.

Emergency, safety and general lighting

Light the way to safety: Our lighting systems provide guidance in emergency situations and ensure that your employees and customers always have a clear path to safety.

From emergency lighting that activates in the event of a power failure to intelligent solutions that automatically adjust escape routes, we make sure your lighting is reliable in any emergency situation.

Emergency power supply

Power cut? Not with us. Our emergency power systems ensure that your key systems are always up and running. From compact UPS systems to powerful emergency power systems, we have the solution for every requirement.

Photoluminescent guidance systems systems, markings and signs

Your guide in the dark: Our photoluminescent egress path systems, markings and signage provide guidance even in the event of a power outage. Ideal for stairways, corridors and emergency exits. And with our photoluminescent signs, important information is always visible.

Emergency and safety signs

Clear, unambiguous, safe: our emergency and safety signs are essential for quick orientation in emergencies. We offer a wide range of solutions, from signs for facilities and transportation vehicles such as industrial plants, buses and trains, to specialized signs for the aviation industry.

Safety graphics and escape route plans

Clear and easy to understand: our safety graphics and escape route plans ensure that everyone can find the right route in an emergency. We offer customised solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

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