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A single battery system consists of centrally monitored luminaires, in which the battery is integrated, and a monitoring centre. These systems independently perform the required tests and record them in an electronic test logbook.

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PERMALUX single battery systems

PERMALUX single battery systems use a central control centre with a 5" multi-touch colour display to manage and control up to 500 individual battery luminaires. The luminaires are wired or wirelessly connected to the control centre. Mixed systems are also possible.


These systems are ideal for smaller building projects and offer simple, time-saving commissioning with automatic luminaire detection. Up to 250 luminaires can be added using line couplers.

Wireless single battery system

The PERMALUX single battery wireless system has an integrated wireless function and touch display. It can monitor and control up to 500 wireless single-battery luminaires. In addition, up to 500 bus monitored single battery luminaires can be connected. The central unit can store building plans showing the location of the emergency luminaires and their operating status.


These systems are particularly suitable for building refurbishment or retrofitting, even in listed buildings, as they require minimal cabling and are insensitive to interference from other radio signals.

Technology & practical benefits

Centralised monitoring:
Manage up to 500 luminaires from a multi-touch 5" colour display

Wired and wireless connectivity:
Systems can be wired, wireless or mixed

Easy installation:
Automatic luminaire detection enables time-saving commissioning

The battery system be extended by up to 250 luminaires using line couplers

A minimum of cabling:
Ideal for renovation or retrofitting, even in listed buildings

Immunity to interference:
Resistant to other radio signals such as WIFI, Bluetooth and DECT

Application for our single battery systems

Our single battery systems are ideal for:

  • Construction projects with few light points: Efficient and cost-effective solution for smaller projects
  • Refurbishments and retrofits: Particularly suitable for listed buildings due to minimal cabling requirements
  • Commercial and industrial buildings: Flexible and reliable emergency lighting solution
    Self-contained battery systems offer a reliable and flexible solution for emergency lighting that is easy to install and maintain.

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