An essential part of escape and evacuation guidance systems are the necessary plans showing escape routes, fire safety equipment and instructions for action in the event of a fire/accident. The fire brigade also requires specific plans for extinguishing and evacuation purposes. We use state-of-the-art technology in the implementation of our products. All plans are produced using the latest CAD technology. Versatile printing and coating techniques allow us to adapt to your specific requirements. Production takes place in-house, ensuring maximum flexibility and quality.

Your advantages


The highest quality:
Our staff are experts in writing safety instructions. Years of experience and regular training ensure excellent quality.

Compliance with standards:
Implementation of all services according to current norms and regulations.

Design integration:
To integrate the plans into your existing design, we offer a range of options; whether frameless systems in glass or plastic, framed in aluminium or simply printed on paper, we have the right design for every property.

Our safety graphics provide comprehensive protection and clear guidance in emergencies, supporting emergency services and ensuring a safe environment in buildings.

Escape route plans

Escape route plans show the quickest way out or to the nearest safe fire zone. They are an essential part of a building's emergency guidance system, providing clear instructions in the event of an emergency.


  • Orientation in emergencies: Clear escape route to the nearest exit.
  • Current standards: Created according to the latest legal requirements.
  • Hygiene: Optional anti-virus and antibacterial coating.

Fire departement plans

Fire escape plans provide emergency services with a quick and accurate overview of the building. They are essential for rescuing people and minimising damage in the event of a fire.


  • Overview for the fire brigade: Detailed building and floor plans.
  • Update service: Regular review and adjustment of plans every two years.
  • Automatic reminder service: Reliable management of plans.

Plans and documentation

We create seating plans, room maps, fire departement route maps, fire protection regulations, and other special plans for you. Every type of plan is created precisely and in accordance with regulatory standards.


  • Variety of plans: Seating plans, fire brigade route maps, fire protection regulations.
  • Compliance: Adherence to all relevant regulations.
  • Professional installation: Our experts ensure professional implementation.

Inspections and installation

We offer comprehensive services from consultation to planning to professional installation of all our safety products. Our experts ensure the optimal implementation of your safety solutions.


  • Consultation and concept development: Creation of individual safety concepts.
  • Site inspection: Recording all safety-relevant facilities on site.
  • Professional installation: Quick and competent implementation by our team.

Service and maintenance

Our comprehensive service includes installation, ongoing maintenance, and regular inspections to ensure the longevity and reliability of your safety instructions and evacuation plans.

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