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We offer a wide range of luminaires that can be used as both general and emergency luminaires, with many additional functions. As your total safety solutions partner, our service portfolio also includes regular illuminance measurements and accurate lighting calculations.

Our experts collect and record all relevant data on site and use state-of-the-art software to produce technical lighting certificates for your design and licensing applications. These services guarantee compliance with all relevant standards and ensure the continued quality and reliability of your safety and emergency lighting systems.

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Our luminaire portfolio


Combi luminaire


Our combi luminaires combine the functions of both general and emergency luminaires in a single housing. This product design eliminates the need for separate emergency luminaires, saving costs and ensuring a consistent appearance. Combi and general luminaires have the same design and can be used together as required.


Dynamic escape routing


Our dynamic escape routing systems provide a flexible solution for additional safety requirements. They control the direction of the escape route signs according to the perceived danger to indicate the best escape route.


Safety and escape sign luminaires


We offer a wide range of designs and versions of safety and escape sign luminaires. Our luminaires are manufactured in Germany to current standards using environmentally friendly production methods.

Related services

Illuminance measurement


Regular illuminance measurements ensure that your safety and emergency lighting continues to meet the required illuminance levels over time. We record and log all measurement data on site.

Lighting calculation


We provide comprehensive photometric verifications for design and technical approvals. We use our metrological luminaire file and lighting calculation software to produce accurate calculations for your installation.


Our luminaires are ideal for:

  • Commercial and industrial buildings: Efficient and reliable lighting solutions for work and safety areas
  • Public institutions: Safe and standard-compliant lighting for schools, hospitals and other public buildings
  • Event venues:: Emergency lighting and dynamic escape routing for areas with large gatherings of people
  • Denkmalschutz: Minimised cabling requirements and flexible installation options for listed buildings

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