Effective path marking for safety in darkness and smoke


Photoluminescent guidance systems from PERMALUX provide reliable orientation in emergency situations, especially during power outages or smoke development. These systems guide people safely out of danger zones and contribute significantly to evacuation efficiency in emergencies on ships, in buildings, or on aircraft.

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Technology and advantages

Unsere bodennahen Leitsysteme sind gekennzeichnet durch innovative Produkteigenschaften.

Sustained luminance
Our photoluminescent materials absorb light and emit it over a long period. This ensures that escape route markings remain visible even in complete darkness or smoke.

Robust and durable
Our guidance systems are specially designed to resist abrasion, chemicals, and weather influences, guaranteeing long-lasting marking with minimal maintenance requirements.

Application flexibility
Our systems can be easily adapted to specific local conditions.

Easy installation and maintenance
Installation of our guidance systems is straightforward and does not require structural modifications. Additionally, they are low-maintenance, saving further costs.

Applications for photoluminescent guidance systems from PERMALUX

Photoluminescent guidance systems are essential in buildings with high safety requirements such as schools, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, and industrial facilities, providing clear orientation even under adverse conditions like smoke development or power failure.

On passenger ships such as cruise ships or ferries, our low location lighting (LLL) systems support safe orientation and quick evacuation in emergencies.

In aircraft, our photoluminescent floor path marking systems are an integral part of the safety system.

In trains and buses, our photoluminescent guidance systems and markings are a reliable part of the overall safety concept.

Floor path marking system

Safe orientation in aircraft cabins for over 25 years


Together with a market leader in the aviation industry, we developed the photoluminescent floor path marking system GuidelineĀ®, exclusively produced for this customer.

The floor path marking system guides passengers to the exits in case of cabin lighting failure, especially during smoke development. It is available in different colours, highly durable, and easy to install.

Floor path marking system - GuidelineĀ® for the aviation industry

For over 25 years, we have been successfully manufacturing aircraft components. Our products are used in approximately 10,000 aircraft worldwide.

Product features and advantages


Highest quality through EN 9100
In the aerospace industry, high levels of safety and reliability are expected. Our certified quality management system ensures consistently high quality of our products and processes.

Maximum performance
Using high-performance materials, our floor path marking systems guarantee top performance even under extreme conditions typical in aviation.

Long service life
Our floor path marking systems are designed for long service life, aligned with the lifecycle in the aviation industry.

Guidance systems for buses and trains

Increased safety in public transport


Safety in buses and trains can be enhanced with photoluminescent markings in entry and exit areas, ensuring safe exit even in low or no light situations.

Application fields for our guidance systems in buses and trains

In long-distance trains, coaches, and public transport, it is essential to quickly orient oneself and find the exit in emergency situations. PERMALUX photoluminescent guidance systems always indicate the shortest route to the exit in emergencies.



Comprehensive safety concept
We equip buses with photoluminescent safety guidance systems. These include luminous strips on handrails, seat bases, luggage racks, and stairs.

Emergency wayfinding
In an emergency, our photoluminescent guidance systems guide passengers quickly and correctly to the exits.

Custom solutions for specific vehicle types
We develop customised solutions for each vehicle type according to the requirements and legal regulations.

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