Essential guidance and warning signals for emergencies


Photoluminescent signs from PERMALUX are crucial orientation aids in emergency situations. They ensure that emergency signs and safety instructions are clearly visible even during power outages or reduced visibility conditions, significantly contributing to the safety of individuals.

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Product overview & additional services

High luminance and visibility
Our photoluminescent standard-compliant signage for escape routes, emergency exits, and first aid facilities always points you in the right direction. Fire safety signage also allows for safe and quick location of fire protection equipment, especially in the dark.

Manufacturing standard-compliant signs for 30 years
Our photoluminescent signs are available in various sizes and symbols, meeting the specific requirements of different environments. All products are manufactured at our plant in Ahrensburg, backed by 30 years of experience.

Quality and variety
We produce and supply photoluminescent signs in different designs, ranging from plastic and aluminium to high-quality glass signs. We are committed to environmental protection, so our signs are made from non-hazardous raw materials like PVC-free materials that do not emit toxic gases in case of fire.

Easy installation – we are happy to handle it for you
Photoluminescent signs from PERMALUX are easy to install. Don't want to deal with the installation or removal of your signage? We are happy to take care of the installation for you.


Our photoluminescent signs are essential for ensuring quick and safe orientation and evacuation in emergencies. This applies to all types of buildings, from office complexes and production facilities to public institutions, as well as in mobile areas such as ships, buses, trains, aircraft and airports.

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