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Secured power supply for IT and industry in the event of mains irregularities or mains failures

PERMALUX is your experienced partner for the planning and installation of your secure power supply. In the event of any mains anomalies, a UPS system is fed by a battery system and thus ensures the optimum voltage supply for your safety-related and critical loads.

UPS systems for every area of application

The choice of the right UPS system does not only depend on the technical key data to be determined, but also on the requirements for the desired load voltage quality, the desired availability, the installation location and the quality requirements for the technical design of the systems.

The Battery – the heart of every UPS system

The battery plays a decisive role in supplying power to the UPS system and thus to the load to be protected. In addition to the desired backup time, the most important factors when selecting the suitable battery type are the requirements for the application, the installation location and the ageing and capacity reserves to be taken into account.

Secure and uninterruptible power supply in the event of mains interruptions and mains failures

UPS systems are used in modern computer centres, in companies with critical loads, such as EDP systems, cash register systems or in measuring and control equipment. Benefit from our expertise in selecting and dimensioning the right UPS system.

Output isolating transformer

Do you want maximum safety for your load as well as optimum availability? UPS systems with an output isolation transformer increase load safety, depending on the battery voltage, improve availability. Contact us to select the UPS system that is right for you.


We offer redundant single block or modular redundant UPS solutions both to increase performance and to increase the requirement for reliability.

Selectivity in battery operation

In the event of a short-circuit, the UPS system should also be able to trigger the upstream protective device selectively when operating in battery mode. We will select the UPS system that is right for you.

Put your trust in the safety experts at PERMALUX.

To us, full service means that you can concentrate on your core business, while we provide you professionally and competently with the safety systems you need.

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