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Partner network to the construction of the Femern Belt Fixed Link

The Femern Belt Link is one of Europe’s largest construction projects to be undertaken. The tunnel is an 18-kilometer-long immersed tunnel, which will connect Rødbyhavn on Lolland in Denmark with the island of Fehmarn in Germany.

Apart from the immersed tunnel, the Femern Belt Link comprises of land facilities on both the Danish and German sides. The railway is being upgraded to electric rails on both sides of the Femern Belt and is constructed to allow speeds of up to 200 kms per hour. When the tunnel is completed, it will be possible to travel between Hamburg and Copenhagen by train in less than 3 hours.

The connection is financed by its end-users in the same way that the bridges of Storebælt (between Zealand and Fynen) and Øresund (between Denmark and Sweden) have been financed. The project will have a return of investment of 28 years, including the investments to the rail infrastructure between Ringsted and Rødby, which is also financed via income generated by the tunnel link.

The Femern Belt Marketplace collects all interested companies with relevant knowledge and capacity for the Fehmarn project together, so that contractors have a fast-track access to finding their future subcontractor, and companies easily can find new business partners and B2B networks.