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Join us and find our more
about our Low Location Lighting system

The countdown is running: In just 2 weeks, Seatrade Cruise Global, will once again be taking place in Miami. We are very excited as this will be our first time at this exhibition and would be delighted if you could stop by to our booth #4239 at the German Pavilion.

We look forward to presenting our photoluminescent safety signs and our service portfolio as well as new designs of our LLL system Guideline® Premium and our new sustainable product range in which we use recycled material. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to stop by for a chat.

What is a Low Location Lighting (LLL) system and when do I need it?
An LLL system is mandatory for ships with more than 35 passengers according to ISO 15370 and SOLAS. It guides people out of danger zones and is an essential component for the safety of people on board. It has to be installed in the passenger and crew area.

What is special about the Guideline® Premium Low Location Lighting system?
Usually photoluminescent-based LLL systems are all yellow. With our system you have the option of customizing the system in the color of your choice.

This way it harmonizes perfectly with your interior, has all the advantages of a non-electrical system and still meets all the requirements of the notified bodies.

Use the code GUEST4239 at ▶ Seatrade Cruise Global to get a free ticket and let's talk about new ideas, new opportunities and our sustainable approach.