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For more than 30 years we have been supporting our local and international customers with tailormade products, systems and services in all areas of safety guidance systems.

Our products and services are globally used in shipping and aviation as well as in buildings. High quality, comprehensive technical erpertise and a high degree of flexibility in combination with efficient and customer-oriented processes are the hallmarks of PERMALUX.

Special requirements are made to the safe marking of rescue and escape routes in the maritime industy. Our maritime product range fully complies to the international IMO rules and SOLAS regulations as well as to the applicable ISO standards. These rules and regulations are forming the basis for the standardised implementation of the marking of escape routes.

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Low Location Lighting systems (LLL)

Clear guidance in case of emergency on board


PERMALUX Low Location Lighting Systems are offering a safe and reliable solution for the marking of escape routes on ships. We are using highly efficient photoluminescent material that is clearly visible in critical moments. Our LLL systems has specially been developed for use in areas where smoke development causes opacity in the upper part of a room as it is usually the case in the event of fire.

Guideline® Premium - our innovative Low Location Lighting (LLL) system

With our Guideline® Premium Low Location Lighting System, we are opening up a completely new aspect of safety guidance systems on board. The combination of safety, functionality and individual colours and patterns offers both designers and safety officers completely new opportunities.

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Product features and benefits


Perfect solution and alternative to electrical LLL systems
Our photoluminescent Guideline® Premium LLL system is a cost-effective alternative to electric LLL systems, even for retrofitting ships. High durability, long-term availability of spare parts, and easy installation are further outstanding features.

High-performance photoluminescent technology
Our Guideline® Premium LLL system is developed for modern LED lighting and can be used even under LED light conditions of less than 10 lux.

Designs customized to your interior
We offer a wide range of various colours and designs for seamless integration into any ship interior. Individually customized colours and designs are available on request.

Certified and sustainable
Our photoluminescent LLL system is MED certified and fulfills all requirements according to ISO 15370:2010 and SOLAS. As sustainability is important to us, we are using recycled PET to produce our LLL systems.

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IMO Safety signs and marking

Indispensable safety labelling at sea


PERMALUX is offering the complete range of saftey signs for the maritime industry. The signs provide clear orientation safety as they informing passengers and crews about saftey arrangements, escape routes and rules of behaviour in case of emergencies.

PERMALUX safety signs and escape route markings are indispensable on offshore platforms and all types of ships - from commercial ships, passenger ferries and cruise ships to mega yachts. They make an important contribution to safety on board by providing clear directions and safety instructions on the ship decks, in the cabins and at critical points.

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Product features and benefits


Safety marking according to international standards
Our safety signs and markings comply with the international regulations according to SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) and IMO (International Maritime Organization) as well as the applicable standards like ISO 7010.

Sustainable and PVC free
For fire safety reasons, our signs are made of a special flame-retardant plastic and are PVC free. The use of recycled materials is a conscious decision by PERMALUX as we care about ecological sustainability.

Long durability and high quality
Made from materials that are saltwater-resistant, corrosion-free and UV-resistant, our signs for the maritime industry withstand the harsh conditions at sea and retain their functionality.

Easy installation and low maintenance requirement
All PERMALUX signs are designed in a way that allows easy and quick installation.

Emergency and safety lighting

PERMALUX emergency and safety lighting ensure a minimum level of brightness after a failure of the general lighting. They direct people to exits in the event of an emergency and support the safe evacuation of people.

The LED lights fulfil all necessary requirements for the maritime industry. We offer water-protected models as well as housings in stainless steel and other customised versions. The pictogram can be provided according to customers individual requirements.

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Safety graphics: Escape and rescue plans and cabin plans

Our safety graphics are offering comprehensive safety and clear orientation in case of emergencies.

Escape and rescue plans are showing the direct way to the outside or to the nearest safe fire compartment.

We are offering general arrangement plans, cabin plans and safety instruction plans. Customised plans and graphics are available on request. All plans and graphics are designed according to the applicable ISO standard.

All PERMALUX plans and graphics are designed and produced by using the latest CAD version. With a variety of printing and coating techniques we are able to offer individual customised solutions. Our in-house production provides a maximum of flexibility and high quality.

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Luminance measurement

Our photoluminescent Low Location Lighting (LLL) systems have been used in the shipping industry for more than 25 years. Technical innovations combined with modern design, long durability, high luminance and reliability are the hallmarks of our products. As we aim to establish long-term partnerships with our customers, we are offering support and service throughout the entire product life cycle, from design to finished product and maintenance.

Luminance measurement of Low Location Lighting Systems

Photoluminescent low location lighting systems must be checked for functionality after installation and in intervals of five years.

For more than 25 years PERMALUX has been offering luminance measuring service.

Certified measurement procedures and trained staff makes us your reliable partner for the safety of crew and passengers.

Our specialists are using the latest measuring instruments and equipment for the measurement on board worldwide. We keep an eye on your measurement intervals and the next due dates so that you can concentrate on other things.

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