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If you need seating plans, room cards, fire department route maps or fire protection regulations, our experienced team of draughtsmen is happy to provide you with competent assistance for all tasks.

Seating plans

Seating plans must be drawn up for all venues subject to the regulations on places of assembly (VStättVO/SBauVO) of the respective federal state. They show the type of seating (e.g. theatre seating) including the places for wheelchair users, the stage or stage area, the number and width of emergency exits and the course of the escape routes.

Fire protection regulations and fire department route maps

The fire protection regulations are a summary of rules for fire prevention and behaviour in the event of a fire, which are specially designed for the object in question. It consists of parts A (notice), B (for persons without special fire protection tasks) and C (for persons with special fire protection tasks). The fire department route maps enable the fire department to quickly locate the fire detector that has triggered an alarm. Valuable time can be saved in the event of a fire thanks to the direct route to the source of the fire.

We understand the standards and implement them properly

There are extensive standards and regulations in force for the production of safety graphics and documentation. All our plans comply with the applicable regulations and standards and are tested using the 4-eyes principle.

Preparation of plans by experts

Your plans are drawn up by a skilled team of experts in accordance with the relevant standards.

Maintenance and updating of plans - fast and affordable

The plans that have been prepared are saved in our database. Any structural alterations can be incorporated into the plans quickly, easily and inexpensively.

Co-ordination with authorities

We would be happy to coordinate with the local authorities and fire departments on your behalf.

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