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We systematically show you the way in emergency situations!

People should use escape and rescue plans to find out in advance about escape routes in a building. This will enable them to find their way around the building in an emergency. Escape and rescue plans supplement the building's safety guidance system.

Plans for a secure overview

We produce the plans you require for an escape and rescue guidance system in accordance with the relevant guidelines and standards. This requires special know-how, the consideration of structural and object-specific features and usually also close cooperation and coordination with the authorities. We carry out on-site inspections to assess the facilities relevant to the planning. In this step, we also check that the floor plans are up to date and that the plans are in place. We would also be happy to mount the plans for you.

Design and safety

We offer different types of plans so that they can be integrated into your existing design. Whether you require frameless systems made of glass or plastic, aluminium frames or simply a paper print - we can offer the right design for every object.

We would be pleased to make you an individual offer!

Protection against viruses and bacteria

On request, we coat our escape and rescue plans with a durable, wear-resistant, ultra-thin layer of 100% transparent amorphous glass. The technology used changes the surface energy and resistance of the treated surface in such a way that microorganisms do not find adhesion. The effect is purely physical and no pesticides or similar substances are used. We use a certified system for this, which is already successfully used in aviation.

The certified, proven antifungal effect lasts for at least twelve months.

Maintenance and updating of plans - fast and affordable

The plans that have been prepared are saved in our database. Any structural alterations can be incorporated into the plans quickly, easily and inexpensively.

Optimum integration of safety

Choose between a wide variety of designs.

From consultation to assembly - everything from a single source

We are here for you. We would be happy to take care of the on-site inspection of the facilities, the discussions with the authorities as well as the mounting of the plans.

Preparation of plans by experts

Your plans are drawn up by a skilled team of experts.

Put your trust in the safety experts at PERMALUX.

At our company, full service means: You can concentrate on your core business while we professionally and competently equip you with the necessary security systems.

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