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Fight fire at its source

A glass ampoule the size of a fine-wire fuse, filled with highly effective fire extinguishing agents - this is basically the E-Bulb. When the predetermined temperature is reached, the glass ampoule bursts and the 3M NOVEC is released. The fire is thus extinguished at an early stage and the power supply is simultaneously disconnected.

Extinguishing agent 3M NOVEC

The choice of the appropriate extinguishing agent varies from case to case. However, especially in the case of fires caused by or on electrical components, the use of conductive extinguishing media can cause additional dangers. This threat is not present if 3M NOVEC is used. It is completely non-conductive, has no corrosive effect and evaporates completely after use leaving no residue. These properties make it so valuable that it is also used in large-scale fire extinguishing systems in data centres.

Multiple protection

The E-Bulb works in several ways. On the one hand, the fire is suffocated in seconds by the cooling effect of the fire extinguishing agent as it spreads and by the displacement of the oxygen. On the other hand, the glass ampoule bursts with little shattering and the resulting interruption of the circuit prevents reignition, as no further electrical energy can be supplied to the system.

Small device – Big effect

Probably the world's smallest fire-fighting system, it offers outstanding efficiency and a very compact design.

Easy to use in any application

Available for volumes up to 2.2 l. Can be mounted on printed circuit board by means of fuse holder. Nominal release range: 135°C to 165°C (customized solutions available on request). This should be the right choice in most cases!

Autarkic fire protection

The E-Bulb is completely independent of external energy sources due to a trigger mechanism similar to that of a thermo-bulb.

Maintenance free

After installation, the E-Bulb is a technical device that is absolutely maintenance free and can be used for more than 12 years without any problems.

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