Photoluminescent technology for the highest demands and every situation

Our photoluminescent products are developed and certified according to the latest standards and can be used in a wide variety of sectors. Our low-location guidance systems consist of guidance markings with profiles and strips. The photoluminescent markings can be used in many different ways, e.g. on walls, floors, grids, doors or curtains.

GuidelineĀ® floor path marking system - highest luminance and fully customisable

The GuidelineĀ® photoluminescent floor path marking system consists of flat and slanted aluminium sections with an integrated photoluminescent strip. The photoluminescent strip in the flat sections is covered with a protective polycarbonate layer. The system can be easily installed in walls or floors of buildings. MED marine certification also allows installation on board passenger ships. The look and colour of the system's design can be perfectly adapted to its surroundings.

Stair markings for safe steps

Our aluminium stair nosings can be equipped with photoluminescent or LED strips to illuminate stair treads which lie in darkness or semi-darkness. This helps to prevent accidents, provides better orientation in the dark and reduces the risk of tripping. The aluminium sections can be cut to fit any stair width as required.

Photoluminescent markings

Our markings guide you quickly in the right direction. The markings for grids (stairs and gangways) are available as stripes or circles with a green arrow. Our flat polycarbonate sections can be used to mark escape doors in escape routes and emergency exits. Our triangles mark escape and rescue routes on textile surfaces, e.g. curtains, or the emergency call switch in the dark, e.g. in disabled toilets.

Best orientation in the dark

Photoluminescent products help people in emergency situations to find the right way quickly and easily. Our products are long-lasting, low-maintenance and always on standby, as they operate independently of the power supply or other systems.

25 years of experience

More than 25 years of experience in development and production enable us to supply our customers with high-performance, tailor-made and innovative products. This includes our participation in standardization committees as well as a constant active dialogue with our customers.

Best quality and certified

You can expect us to provide you with only the best quality. Our production is certified according to ISO 9001 and EN 9100 and we also have MED certification for our maritime products.

Made in Germany

All of our products are developed and manufactured at our site in Ahrensburg. This enables us to guarantee the best quality and fast delivery times.