Low Power Supply Systems (LPS)

PERMALUX is your experienced partner for planning and manufacturing complex emergency lighting systems. An LPS system is a decentralised safety lighting system with limited output, which supplies all the emergency lights in a single fire zone.

LPS Network

The components of an LPS system are interconnected. Since they are all located in a single fire zone, it is not necessary to use refractory pipes.

It is, of course, also possible to connect several LPS devices via TCP/IP and thus monitor them together. In this way, a quick and reliable notification of the status of the lights connected and the batteries installed in the system can be obtained even when many systems are involved.

216V or 24V

There are various philosophies regarding the choice of voltage for your system. The 216VDC version allows cables with a smaller cross-section to be used. In most cases it is then easy to add lights at a later date.

The 24VDC version uses only two battery blocks. This reduces the follow-up costs for battery replacement.

Both systems are state of the art and ultimately represent two sides of the same coin.

The best system for your application

216VDC or 24VDC? No matter which system you require, we are here to advise you. At PERMALUX you will always find the optimal solution for your project.

From planning to customer service - everything from a single source

We offer the optimum product for every application. We plan your central battery system and, if necessary, prepare the required texts for tenders. On request, our qualified technicians can install, assemble and commission the system. Maintenance and customer service round off our package for you.

Integration into your building network

It is also possible to display all operating states of the safety lighting systems on your standard IT end user device. Thanks to an Internet connection, the system can be monitored from any location. This guarantees the greatest possible flexibility and quick diagnosis.

Decentralised system

By using the individual systems directly in the fire zone, no separate electrical distribution room / E30 cabinet needs to be provided and the use of fire-resistant E30 cabling becomes superfluous.

Put your trust in the safety experts at PERMALUX.

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