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Dynamic escape routing

Always find the safest and fastest way out of the danger zone!

Immediate reaction to danger

A dynamic escape routing system ensures that the escape route sign in the building is adjusted depending on the actual danger. Left, right, up or down are displayed in a way that the shortest accessible route to safety can be followed.

Risk reduction

Systems for dynamic escape routing are used especially where the proven solutions prescribed by building law reach their limits and/or where special risks such as too long escape routes are to be compensated for by a technical measure.

Flexible adjustment

Dynamic escape routing systems switch on the escape route indicators once, namely when the danger (e.g. fire) is first detected. In special cases, in the course of risk reduction, it becomes necessary to adapt the escape routes to the time-changing danger (e.g. in the case of a fire spreading) more than once: For this task, our "adaptive escape route guidance systems" are then available.

Experience for your safety

PERMALUX accompanies you from the planning stage to the implementation of your escape routing.
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Wide range

For display elements, you can choose from our portfolio of special pictogram luminaires and/or ground-level guidance system modules.

The right way

With our dynamic escape route systems, no one will run in the direction of any danger!

Always on the safest way

Clear direction, safe way!