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Battery-powered emergency power systems

Battery-powered emergency power systems are an alternative to diesel-powered emergency power generators and offer several advantages: For example, due to their size, they provide a suitable space-saving option. The battery-based power supply does not pollute the environment with emissions. The extremely short start-up time of just one second ensures an almost uninterrupted transition to the emergency power system.


RescueStar systems are battery-supported static emergency power systems designed in accordance with DIN EN 50171. They are designed to power motors with high start-up currents and can therefore also power life-saving smoke protection pressure systems in compliance with the standards.

In the event of a mains failure, they immediately take over the supply. In doing so, they ensure the availability to your safety-relevant appliances for a period of up to twelve hours.


RescuePack systems are battery-supported dynamic emergency power systems which serve to provide power to safety-relevant appliances with high starting currents.

They consist of a battery-powered motor-generator converter.

In the event of a mains failure, RescuePack systems take over the power supply of your critical appliances within one second - fully automatic, quiet, low-vibration, cost-saving and low-emission.

Safety with
battery-powered systems

Battery-operated emergency power systems such as our RescueStar systems guarantee the supply of power to safety-relevant appliances such as smoke protection pressure systems or firemen's lifts for up to twelve hours. By means of our RecuePack systems, you can safeguard particularly sensitive and critical appliances such as sprinkler pumps within one second thanks to the rapid start-up.

Environmentally friendly due to minimal emissions

The battery-powered supply system has no negative impact on the environment through emissions. As a result, regulations such as the German Clean Air Act (TA-Luft) and the like do not apply to these systems.

Compliance with all applicable standards

When planning your battery-supported emergency power system, we take into account all technical possibilities as well as the corresponding applicable standards and regulations for safety-relevant appliances.

Space-saving emergency power system

Due to their size, battery-supported emergency power systems are the optimal solution if building modifications or cost-intensive conversion measures are to be avoided.

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