NEA - Network replacement system!

A system for providing electrical energy in the event of a failure of the public grid! Anyone can offer easy solutions! But we can also provide special safety power supplies.

Diesel engine-powered emergency power generators

On the way to a reliable power supply with our diesel gensets. DIN VDE 0100-718 and VDE 0100-0560 require a dynamic power source for the supply to lifts, booster pumps and sprinkler pumps for safety purposes. Whether as a container solution or stationary system, regardless of the concept, we can ensure that the following standards and regulations, for example, are complied with: DIN 6280-13, state construction regulations, ordinance on firing regulations, EltBauVO (regulations for electrical systems in the construction of business premises), VAwS (Ordinance on Installations for Handling Water-Polluting Substances) and the Water Resources Act.

Battery-powered emergency power generators

A dynamic back-up power supply as a battery-supported system in accordance with DIN VDE 0100-718. The Rescuepack system comes into its own whenever the building structure leaves no room for exhaust fume and air ducting. Whether regulations such as DIN VDE 0100-718 or EN 50171 (VDE 0558 part 508) and the requirements of EN 50171 apply, the Rescuepack is an unrestricted safety power supply system that conforms to regulations. This system is to be regarded as equivalent to diesel systems.

Regulations of a safety power source! Our daily business

Emergency power systems, because the operator must ensure the supply of safety-related loads. The grid operators (EVU`s) cannot do this. The Federal Network Agency calculated that the average supply interruption in 2017 was 15.14 minutes.

Diesel generator! Virtually unlimited supply time!

The supply duration of one of the safety power sources provided by diesel generators, whether stationary or in a container, is almost unlimited. We will help you with the design of the unit size and work with you to find the best possible concept for a solution.

Positive development of operating costs in 10-year period

The operating cost analysis for the course of a decade confirms the undeniable leading position of the diesel aggregate as a dynamic NEA. Depending on the supply time and performance, the battery replacement of a rescue pack can result in high costs.

Savings on cost-intensive measures on the building structure!

The pollution of the environment by emissions (TA Air) is not an issue for a rescue pack and no exhaust pipe is required. This battery-supported system guarantees a ramp-up time of < 3 sec, compared to a diesel with approx. 15 sec.

Put your trust in the safety experts at PERMALUX.

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