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Secured power supply for electrical medical equipment in hospitals and doctors' surgeries

PERMALUX is your experienced partner for the planning and installation of a secure power supply in medical facilities. BSV systems are battery-supported power supplies in accordance with DIN VDE0556-507. In the event of any network anomaly, the electrical medical devices continue to be supplied with a safe supply of electricity.

BSV systems for a secured 230V or 400V power supply

The choice of the right BSV system depends on the technical data required by the currently valid regulations. These systems meet the highest quality and safety requirements in accordance with the requirements to be met in terms of selectivity, back-up time, approved battery types and installation location.

BSV-OP systems for a secure power supply to surgical lights

If the mains input voltage fails or drops, the BSV-OP systems must ensure a constant voltage supply for operating lights. It must be possible to adapt voltage drops caused by the system in accordance with the currently valid regulations.

Secured power supply in the event of mains interruptions and mains failures

BSV systems are used in hospitals, doctors' surgeries and medical facilities. Benefit from our expertise in selecting and dimensioning the BSV system that is right for you.

The right BSV system output

Whether your system is to operate continuously or in standby mode, how high the maximum permissible individual transformer and total isolation transformer ratings are allowed to be, we would be pleased to advise you in determining the optimum BSV system performance.

Compact BSV systems

The same regulations apply to medical and technical equipment in practice rooms in doctors' surgeries as apply to rooms in a hospital. The solution for a secure power supply is BSV systems in a compact design.

BSV-OP system with decentralized converter technology

In addition to a central transducer arrangement, the transducers can also be placed locally in the immediate vicinity of the operating theatre in a decentralised arrangement. This results in shorter cable paths from the transducer to the operating light, which also reduces the number of cable cross-sections.

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