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The new PERMALUX logo was launched at the beginning of 2019. The term "PERMALUX" has its roots in the company history. 

At the beginning of 2019 the new PERMALUX logo was introduced. The term "PERMALUX" has its roots in the company history. Since its foundation the name P.E.R. has stood for Permalux Escape Routes. This name describes the company's philosophy of manufacturing products that ensure permanent lighting and energy supply even in emergency situations and thus enable people to escape safely.

The PERMALUX logo, with a stylized yellow "E" in its name, contains the company's various products and services: the "E" stripes stand for the floor guidance system, the "LUX" for the safety lighting, and the "PERM", an abbreviation of "permanent ", symbolizes emergency power.

The new brand presence revives and continues the successful guiding principle from P.E.R.'s company history. While the company name of P.E.R. Flucht- und Rettungsleitsysteme GmbH remains unchanged, the new PERMALUX brand identity is an important cornerstone for the further development of the company.