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On 1st June 2018, Lars Diestel and Thomas Da Ronch took over the Ahrensburg-based company P.E.R. Flucht- und Rettungsleitsysteme GmbH and became its managing directors.

Both have been experts in the field of safety for many years. Thomas Da Ronch has extensive know-how of machine safety and functionally safe electronics. The 48-year-old electrical engineer worked for around 20 years in the management of a medium-sized, internationally active company.

On 1st June 2018 Lars Diestel and Thomas Da Ronch took over the Ahrensburg company P.E.R. Flucht- und Rettungsleitsysteme GmbH. as well as its management.
Lars Diestel and Thomas Da Ronch (from left)

In Lars Diestel, a 47-year-old industrial engineer, the company has gained a distinguished expert in the field of safety technology. He contributes many years of experience as a managing director, including more than 10 years with a company for video surveillance technology.

"We are pleased to be taking over P.E.R., a strong company with an experienced team", Thomas Da Ronch and Lars Diestel agree. "We will continue to develop the core competencies of the company and strengthen cooperation with our partners". P.E.R. will also continue to expand in the particularly important aviation segment in the future.

The new partners ensure that P.E.R. remains owner-managed 25 years after its foundation - an important issue for Esther Krokeide, who established the company in Barsbüttel in 1993 together with her husband Gunnar Krokeide. Together with Peter Jacobsen she had continued to run the business since 2011 and left P.E.R's management at the end of May 2018 in the course of the takeover.

P.E.R. provides a wide range of systems for security solutions. The company, based in the Hamburg area, offers security solutions for land, sea and air. P.E.R. develops and produces photoluminescent safety products for all three sectors, such as low-location guidance systems and signage. P.E.R. also offers complete solutions for emergency power systems, including safety lighting, UPS systems, batteries and fire extinguishing ampoules. They guarantee safety in the event of a power failure, particularly in sensitive areas. Plans, such as escape and rescue plans and fire brigade plans, constitute an important part of escape and rescue control systems and round off P.E.R.'s complete safety system.