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Congratulations to the
successful graduation!

Lena has been training as an industrial clerk at PERMALUX for the last three years. On the last day of the exam, we all cheered along and were very happy that Lena finished with such a great result. And now is finally the opportunity to ask Lena a few questions about her traineeship, after all we are curious to know how she felt about her time with us.

PERMALUX: Hello Lena, first of all congratulations on completing your education as an industrial clerk with excellent results. Tell me, what made you decide to work for PERMALUX?
Lena: There were several reasons. On the one hand, I wanted to do my training in a medium-sized company, because there you are often offered more insights into different areas. But I also found it exciting to work in a company with its own production on site.

PERMALUX: Which departments did you get to know at PERMALUX?
Lena: There were really many, almost all of them at PERMALUX: Accounting, Controlling, Marketing, Work Preparation, Sales, Purchasing, Warehouse and Production.

PERMALUX: Which tasks did you enjoy the most?
Lena: I most enjoyed the contact with our customers and the interaction with my colleagues.

PERMALUX: Were you also given the opportunity to implement projects on your own responsibility during this time?
Lena: Mostly I worked in the day-to-day business. In purchasing, I was responsible for the procurement of our new pens. This included selecting, comparing offers, deciding on the design and finally placing the order. In marketing, I had the chance to develop a brochure for a specific department. It was really nice when I held the printed result in my hands.

PERMALUX: Were there any particularly great experiences you would like to tell us about?
Lena: I didn't expect it at all, but I felt very integrated and comfortable from the first on. My colleagues were immediately open and really nice, and they were also helpful when I needed support. I was also given responsible tasks very quickly, so the cliché of making coffee and copies didn't apply to me at all. At the beginning, I was still very insecure about some things, but through the appreciation of my colleagues, the lots of feedback, I became more and more self-confident.

PERMALUX: What did you expect from your education and did your wishes come true?
Lena: Actually, I got more than I expected. Even though I had hopes, but I didn't really expect to get into so many areas and to be able to take on so many different tasks.

PERMALUX: What tips do you have for future trainees at PERMALUX?
Lena: Don't be afraid of new tasks, there is always someone there to come to your aid. Be open and curious, the fun at work will come by itself.

PERMALUX: PERMALUX and you - you have now decided for each other after your training, you now have a permanent position at PERMALUX. What exactly do you do now in your new role? Do you enjoy your new job?
Lena: I now work as a commercial clerk in the customer service/emergency power department. The tasks are very varied, as I am responsible for everything from coordinating appointments for our technicians to maintenance and repair quotations to drawing up maintenance contracts. Due to the many different activities, I always learn something new, so it never gets boring.

PERMALUX: Is there anything you like especially about PERMALUX?
Lena: What I like most are my colleagues and the respect they have for each other. But I also like the flexible working hours and the fact that there is more vacation time than required by law.

PERMALUX: Thank you, Lena, for answering our questions so honestly. We are glad that you have chosen PERMALUX and wish you a great start as a commercial clerk!