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Crane of an
emergency power system

Sometimes emergency power systems have to go high up, for example when they have to be installed on the rooftop of a building. Even in such a case, PERMALUX stands by you in all project phases and takes care of an "no-worries package" for you.

For the new construction of an office building in Hamburg, PERMALUX supplied, for example, a 650kVA emergency power system in a modified 30' container. All tasks, starting with the planning up to the delivery of all components and the commissioning, were carried out by the PERMALUX team. Of course, the complete tank system was also installed and over 150 meters of tank line were laid from the basement to the rooftop of the multi-story building.

The location of the installation presented a special challenge: The distance of the installation site from the road required the use of a special 450-ton crane with a maximum outreach of 66 meters and a height of almost 60 meters.

In coordination with the crane company, PERMALUX applied for the official permits as well as the road restrictions so that the crane operation could be successfully carried out over a weekend.

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