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Safety for critical consumers

Power outages occur time and again throughout Germany. In its latest report, the German Federal Network Agency calculated an average supply interruption of 10.73 minutes for 2020* Important minutes that can not only result in a cost-intensive loss of data, but in the worst case can also be a danger to life. Without electricity, neither ventilation, heating systems, elevators, fire protection systems, computers nor data centers can run.

Our emergency power systems prevent serious damage: they ensure a secure power supply for your important consumers in the event of power failures and voltage fluctuations.

PERMALUX offers different systems for different circumstances and requirements: In addition to the diesel engine-powered emergency generator, the battery-based emergency power systems represent a space-saving and environmentally friendly alternative. If you would like to rely on a completely environmentally friendly solution, the stand-by photovoltaic power supply for container gensets is the right option for you.

You can find out more about our emergency power systems in our product world "Emergency power systems" or directly from one of our specialists at 04102 4667-39 or We look forward to hearing from you!