More safety on bord since 1998

Our safety products have been used in the maritime industry for more than 20 years. They comply with current standards and norms, are MED certified and have a Type Approval from Lloyd's Register. Our products are notable for their technical innovations combined with state-of-the-art design.

Guideline® Low Location Lighthig (LLL) System

Guideline® is our photoluminescent escape route system, which we developed and produce entirely in-house. Guideline® consists of the Low Location Lighting System (LLL) and corresponding markings and signs. The LLL system comprises only three elements: aluminium profiles, a photoluminescent inlay and end caps. This configuration allows easy installation and ensures long-term functionality. It can be installed on the floor or walls up to a height of 300 mm.

Decorative surfaces and colour options

Guideline® is not only a high-quality LLL system but also a design element. It offers you the choice of various colours and decorative surfaces such as wood prints. In this way, the escape guidance system can be optimally adapted to the interior of the ship and at the same time retain its functional safety features.

Our LLL system also allows you to add your own individual touch to safety on board while at the same time using a dependable and low-maintenance product. No additional energy-related costs are incurred, as the photoluminescent products are stimulated by the ambient light and then emit the light they have stored. This effect is particularly visible in the dark.

Safety markings and safety signs

An integral part of our Guideline Low Location Lighting System are the corresponding safety markings, which provide orientation and information. These markings also comply with the relevant standards such as ISO 7010, SOLAS, IMO. As a fire protection measure, they are made of a special flame-retardant plastic and are free of PVC.

Photoluminescent signs are extremely safe as they provide reliable orientation in the event of power failure and smoke.

Cabin plans and decorative signs

In addition to our high-quality LLL system, we also provide cabin plans and decorative signs including high quality LED lights, which can be equipped with individual motifs to highlight information or enhance the interior.

We supply our customers with tailor-made solutions for their individual requirements.

Guideline® - better than the standard

In the development of our products, our aim is to ensure that our products not only conform to the requirements of standards and regulations, but that they also exceed them.

Everything from a single source. Certified and top quality.

Development, design, production and quality control takes place in-house. This allows a maximum of safety, reliability and quality. Our ISO 9001, EN ISO 9100 and MED certifications for our marine products guarantee the best product and service quality for our customers.

Design in combination with functionality

Safety and functionality are just as important as design when developing our products. Today's security solutions must not only function perfectly, but also integrate into their environment.

Highest luminance and PVC-free

Our photoluminescent products have the best luminance on the market and meet the requirements of IMO Resolution A.752 (18) and ISO 15370. Ever since our company was founded, we have ensured that our products are PVC-free for both safety and environmental reasons.

Put your trust in the safety experts at PERMALUX.

To us, full service means that you can concentrate on your core business, while we provide you professionally and competently with the safety systems you need.

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